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Salon Re-Opening April 2021

Hi Everyone! Well, it's certainly been a long, and strange year! As you are all probably aware, we as a business, are potentially able to re-open in April this Spring. We have managed to contact all our pre-booked clients, and we hope most people now have their new bookings ready. At present we have the option to book on-line, now available to everybody. Our official first day back in the salon is Tue 13th April. We are going to be busy for the first few weeks, but will do our utmost to accomodate our clients where we can. Both Helen and I, are looking forward to getting back behind the chair, and doing what we love. We thank you for your continued support, and sincerely wish everyone good health. Let's seriously hope we can get back to a better normal, with fresh hair!! All the best, Paul

Covid-19 Lockdown 2021

Hi Everyone, Unfortunately, for the foreseeable future we have to close once again. Any clients that had bookings for January and Febuary will be contacted and be offered preferential appointments. At this stage, we are unawre of the lengh of the Lockdown, and will update everyone through our Facebook page. If you'd like to follow, it's So, in the meantime, we wish everyone safe and well and sincerely look forward to getting back to some kind of normality in the near future. All the best, Paul & Helen

Covid-19 Update December

Hi Everyone, We are both looking forward to getting back into the salon, and sorting everyones' hair for Xmas! It appears as though we have been given the go ahead for a second Covid Re-Opening. So, as from Dec 3rd, we will be both back to work. We are still following all the current safey measures, and will continue to do our utmost to maintain our high standards of cleanliness. We will still have to ask all our clients to wear a face covering on entering the salon!! December is looking busy, and we would remind you that we now offer On-Line appointments through our page, and on our Facebook. Both Helen and Paul look forward too seeing you all very soon!